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Our eCourse books are either a PDF document OR an eBook. The workbook is an interactive PDF document.

The student can type the answers directly into the workbook and submit for grading by email. All students are required to have a KJV Bible.

System Requirements: Adobe Reader 8+ (free), Email account, internet connection.


Interactive PDF courses are made available for download after the Registrar has processed the order (not realtime).

Course orders are processed Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mountain Time U.S.A. Please allow 3-4 hours during business hours for Registrar Processing. The Registrar will confirm that the course fits your Degree Requirements prior to sending, confirm Active Student Status, and process your credit card payment.

Interactive PDF courses can be ordered in the University Bookstore page at


After your order payment has been processed you will receive a link by email to download your course materials. Some courses require a second purchase of the eBook from an independent vendor such as Christian or Amazon.


All eWorkbooks are PDF's and viewable on any computer using Adobe Reader. eBook platforms vary. We do our best to find them for most types of eReaders.

Kindle Users note: Not all course titles offered as ebooks are available from Amazon. In this case, you will need to use your computer to read the book. If this is not satisfactory, you may select another course or, order the course in print format, or ask for a refund (eWorkbook only).

If you purchase the book from a vendor not given by us, or already have the book, you are responsible to determine if you have the correct publication. The book title and author is not enough due to publishers producing multiple variations of the same book.



1. Able to type answers into form fields,
2. Knowledge of saving documents to your computer or floppy
     disk and how to find them to reopen later,
3. Knowledge of opening documents in a specific program
     (Adobe Reader)
4. Able to Compose & Receive email with attachments.
5. Able to navigate from one page to another in Adobe Reader.

How to Download Your Course

  1. You'll receive an email from Patriot Bible University that we've shared a file with you. Click on the document pdf link. 
  2. Your browser will open up Create a login account or sign in.
  3. After signing in, you will see the welcome page with a DOWNLOAD button and OPEN. CLICK DOWNLOAD (not Open).
  4. Internet Explorer tip: If you have a downloads window pops up asking whether to Save or Open, choose Save. Take note of where you save it to. Suggest saving to the desktop or create a Downloads folder and save it to that new folder.
    Google Chrome or Safari tip: Once clicking Download, you will see it download at the bottom left of your browser or to your Downloads folder.
  5. After the file downloads, Double click on the PDF and it will open in Adobe Reader. 

How to Begin Your Course

  1. Locate the file you downloaded and open it.
    Where is it? Check first to see if it has automatically opened in Adobe Reader. If not, often the PDF file is on your ‘desktop’ or in the ‘temp’ folder. It might be easier to click on your browser file menu at the top and located the downloads’ window. You may then double-click on it and it will open in your Adobe Reader.
  2. Most courses have two files; one for the text and one for the workbook. Tip: you can open both files and set them side-by-side within Adobe Reader.

F.A.Q. and HELP

Can't Save the Document or Answers?
Some browsers will download and preview the PDF document. Therefore, you are not actually working on a downloaded document. So, save the PDF document to your computer. Then, find the PDF document (using Windows explorer or Search) and double click the document to open in Adobe Reader.

How to Answer Questions
Each answer blank is a data field. The field should show up as a blue box. Click in the field and type your answer. Use the tab key to move from field to field.

Special Instructions
Page 2: Enter your name, address etc. in the appropriate fields. Your Name on Page 2 is a required field.

When finished with questions
Click the ‘Email Answers’ button found on the last page. (You will need to be connected to the internet and have an email program on your computer.) If you use webmail, simply login and attach the PDF file to a new email.

Email completed course answers to:

To save your answers prior to finishing the course

1. Simply click the ‘Save Answers’ button. In the ‘Save As’ window that appears, click to the location where you want the filed saved at. Then click ‘Save’.
* Tip - Save the file to your Desktop, floppy disk, CD or a special folder you can find later.

2. To continue the course, find the saved PDF file (Which you might have named differently than the file you downloaded. Open the one you saved and not the origianl downloaded one to continue your course) and double click on it. It will open in Adobe Reader.
* Tip – Create a folder in your Documents folder named Patriot Courses. Save your courses in it.